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About HKU Sandy Bay RFC
Club President
Jim Leung

Welcome to HKU Sandy Bay RFC and the 2015/2016 season.

HKU Sandy Bay RFC introduces young people from ages 4 to 18 to the great game of rugby. The very nature of rugby and the differing requirements of each team position means that rugby is truly a game for all - the big and the small; the fast and the not so fast - you are always welcome to come on down to Sandy Bay and give rugby a try!

The club is a proud and flourishing member of the HKU Staff Sports Association and the ocean-side location of pitch one at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre adds to that special atmosphere which is HKU Sandy Bay RFC.

The club's emphasis is on fun and enjoyment and we encourage the rugby ethos: fair play, leadership, respect, strength of the individual character and his or her overall contribution to the greater good of the team all wrapped in that special camaraderie that is unique to rugby.

HKU Sandy Bay RFC is a volunteer club and our success depends totally on your enthusiasm and effort in making all that happens happen. This has never been more apparent as at the start of this season with great representation at both Mini and Youth levels, eager and ambitious coaches, dutiful and loyal team managers, fantastic support in the clubhouse distributing kit, snacks and drinks, Dave Coniam's infamous organizing committee for our Mini Festival (probably the best international mini rugby festival in the world), the webpage squad, the overseas tour committee etc. etc. A huge thank you to each and every one of you who take time out of their busy schedules to commit.

As a consequence of this extra-ordinary volunteer spirit HKU Sandy Bay RFC has been a wonderful success story in the western region of Hong Kong. Our mini rugby section over the past 6 seasons has developed into one of the largest mini rugby clubs (U5 to U12) in Hong Kong. The club is very fortunate to have such a committed Mini-Chairman as Tim Threlkeld who does a fantastic job running the Sandy Bay Minis within the HKMRFU.

The club also has a consistent flow of boys and girls graduating from our mini section into our Youth squads (U13 to U19) and we are lucky enough to have Greg McCoy guiding our Youth section in its continued development and linkage with Leighton Asia HKCC Rugby.

The further development of our Youth sides is an area of key focus for the club. At Youth level the game takes very significant steps in the challenges and competition for our players and the club is working to ensure that we have the best coaching support in place to ensure our Youth players develop to their maximum potential as individuals and as part of a team.

In order to meet this aim and to further develop the stature of the club we are very happy that our affiliation with Leighton Asia HKCC Rugby continues to strengthen with higher involvement of HKCC players in HKU sandy Bay and of some of our older players going on to play for HKCC senior teams. HKCC is a leading senior rugby club in Hong Kong and many of their players represent Hong Kong both at 15's and at 7's and through this affiliation we see a number of advantages to both clubs:
  • Encourages development and growth of our Youth squads
  • Provides first class coaching support, primarily to our Youth squads but also our Minis
  • Provides a one club route for our players from Mini through Youth to Senior rugby
  • Helps in securing steady membership numbers as Sandy Bay becomes the first option for HKCC members
  • Attract rugby playing parents to the club from HKCC which will provide greater depth to our coaching numbers
  • Provides a much-needed feeder club for HKCC Senior Rugby
  • Greater support to HKCC from our Mini and Youth players on match day
The club hopes to continue to develop this relationship with HKCC over this and future seasons with HKCC coaches and senior players playing a key role in HKU Sandy Bay.

I also very much look forward to seeing many of you, old friends and new, around the club over the coming season and enjoying the club's notorious bacon sandwiches and the occasional drink.

The very best of luck to all our players and I am sure they will all represent HKU Sandy Bay with good effort, a great deal of pride and smiling faces. I am also sure that the fantastic volunteer spirit in the club will ensure our continued growth and success in the rugby community of Hong Kong.

Have a rewarding and enjoyable rugby season.

Best regards,

And finaly, our last AGM minutes can be found here